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Previous Themes:


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Singles, prepare to indulge your sexual prowess. If you’re looking to give in to your deepest desires, our Singles KinkCrate is packed with 5 to 9 items every month, designed for your solo pleasure. Items may include dildos, vibrators, bullets, nipple clamps, eBooks, lubes, candles, candies, and much more.  All items are geared to single partner pleasure.  With some creativity you can always find ways to include a partner or two, even with your singles crate.


All items will be themed for the month, allowing you to enjoy something new and exciting each and every month. Subscribe for a month or give yourself the gift of kink for the whole year!


Total crate value will be between $55 & $90 per month.


Not to worry, your box will always arrive unmarked, so you never have to out yourself as a kinkster.


Shipping Included!

Plan Options



Couples, it’s time to break out the kinkiness. Forget about going to a sex store or shopping online. All you need will be delivered to your door monthly, allowing you to escape into a new theme each and every month. You will always find 5 to 9 items, ranging from blindfolds, paddles, cock rings, and vibrators to cuffs, lubes, candles, and more.


This is your chance to try something different in the bedroom (or the kitchen, the living room, or anywhere else you like to go to get down)! We’ll include a KinkCrate Handbook to introduce all the items and give you an idea as to what you can do with them. It’s a great way to turn up the heat with your partner and show each other what you like!


Total crate value will be between $55 & $100 per month


Take a deep breath, the boxes always arrive unmarked, so no one will know that there is kinkiness inside until you do the big reveal behind closed doors.


Shipping Included!


Plan Options


Plan Options


Plan Options

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